State-of-the-art wall-mounted holder with swivel arm and auxiliary rod


Slips and falls affect thousands of Americans every year. Protect yourself and your loved ones by installing handrails in areas where extra support is needed.

Whole house security
Choose from a range of decorative handrails and auxiliary handrails that are combined with bath accessory collections.

Designed with you in mind
Each handrail has a comfortable ergonomic handle that provides maximum support.

Variety of finishes
Our variety of rod and accessory rod finishes provide a unique look that accentuates your individual style and are designed to withstand corrosion.

Safety for any space
Offers a wide range of handrails and accessory handrails ranging in size from 9 inches to 36 inches that will fit any place where you need extra help.

Reliable support
Each handrail is tested for loads up to 500 pounds, and auxiliary handrails are tested for loads up to 250 pounds.

Clean less, enjoy more
Avoid harsh chemicals and simply wipe the product with a damp cloth if necessary.

Take up the installation with confidence
All handrails are equipped with reliable set screws that are installed in minutes.

Hardware Included
Installation instructions, equipment, and anchors are included for your convenience.


Material - Metal
Type of finish - Champagne Bronze
Color - Champagne Bronze
Installation method - Wall-mounted
Product Quantity in packaging - 1

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